The motto of Vidyajyoti “tam eva bhantam anubhati sarvam,” meaning “everything reflects the One who alone shines,” is derived from the Katha Upanishad 5:15. Vidyajyoti is committed to seek that eternal Light, to reflect on it and to let it shine in new human insight and expression.

The Jesuit run Vidyajyoti College of theology aims at providing fitting leadership in these trying times of change. For over 140 years, Vidyajyoti has been spreading the light of theological knowledge by reading the “signs of the times” and the ‘signs of the place”. Our students do not merely “study theology” but we “do theology” through real life experiences. Contextual theology is our hallmark.
Vidyajyoti College takes Jesus’ “option for the poor” seriously. We prepare students to critically analyze the religio-cultural-socio-eco-political systems and structures in India with a view to oppose all forms of evil and oppression. The intensive study programme at Vidyajyoti include ‘theological projects’ and ‘outreach programmes’ that communicate the good news in creative ways.

An important aspect of its aim is to foster an advanced study of religion, culture, inter-religious dialogue and research, promoting scholarly research and writing in the field of the study of Islam.