Vidyajyoti College of theology is a faculty of Theology run by the Society of Jesus. It is situated in the heart of Delhi, India’s capital city, where all the action is. Delhi is the hub of India’s political, intellectual, cultural, religious and social life. Our privileged location provides varied exposure to students and helps integrate theological knowledge with practical insights.

Vidyajyoti has a long history of more than 125 years. Founded as a ‘Seminary’ in 1879 in Asansol, it was transferred to Kurseong in 1889, Darjeeling district, taking the name of St. Mary’s College. In 1972, the college was transferred to Delhi and renamed VIDYAJYOTI.

Vidyajyoti seeks to extend its services to a larger public than its students, finding ways to co-operate within its sphere of competance, with the universities and other centres of learning in Delhi and the surrounding areas.