Keeping up with the motto of our institute “Doing theology in our own context”,we involve ourselves in different activities outside the classroom.The involvement has been in the following areas: 6 slums, Street and platform Children, Cycle-rickshaw pullers, hospitals, Tihar Jail, North-East youth and domestic working girls in 8 centres. Our brothers and sisters render their help in 26 parishes.We have a social action group called SAMAG and a moving to public space group in the college,which provide a platform for our students to enter into the religious, cultural and academic space in Delhi. Vidyajyoti has been generous in making the facilities available for different programmes for these fieldwork groups.
The following are some of the important programmes held as a part of the Fieldwork during the academic year
Urban Poor
10th September, 2016: Program for Street Children and Rickshaw pullers at VJ.
13th October, 2016: One of the Street Children’s home was traced and He was sent back to his Home in Andhra Pradesh.
05th November, 2016: Balmela at Seelampur-Dharampura Centre. (Nazareth Academy)
12th November, 2016: Balmela for Children of St. Thomas study Centre, Jahangirpuri at Rosary School, GTB Nagar.
12th November, 2016: Program for Street Children and Rickshaw pullers at VJ.
08th December, 2016: Seminar for the Girl Students at Jahangirpuri. (St. Thomas Study Centre.)
21st December, 2016: Carols at Asha foundation and Dharampura- Seelampur.
05th February 2017: Educational tour of Model Town children.
06th February 2017: Games and Outing for Model Town Children
Prison ministry
24th October, 2016: Diwali celebration was organized at Women’s cell, Tihar Ashram.
05th December, 2016: Christmas Celebration at Tihar Ashram.
Hospital ministry
06th December, 2016: Christmas Celebration at Seemapuri. (MC Sister’s Place)
09th December, 2016: Christmas Celebration at Majnu Ka Tila. (MC Sister’s Place)
NECCOD Ministry
Accompanies the NECCOD members in spiritual activities every week.
Organized retreats , prayer and mass
Collaborated with the NECCOD members in Christmas and New Year celebrations.
Accompanied by VJ NECCOD in Bible study in December
Joined with members for special masses (Celebration, death, etc)
Visiting orphanages
Tribal Ministry
Joined and helped out in organizing the Karam Celebrations in different places.
Helps out in Spiritual and motivational activities for the tribal domestic working girls, in different places
AAOVJ (Chhotti Kalisia) arranges Sunday Mass at VJ College, and conducts prayers, meeting and seminars.
Joined and helped out in the Christmas celebrations at various centers in Delhi.
AAOVJ also presented some cultural dance on the celebration of international indigenous Day organized by ISI at Millenium Hall, St Xavier’s School Delhi.
19th November, 2016: Joined the protest against New Education policy at Jantar Mantar.
Moving to Public Space Ministry – Activities (August – December, 2016)

05/08/16- Bikaner House – Democratic Dynasties
08/08/16- Gandhi Peace Foundation – The Popular Agitation in Kashmir, state response and Moving Forward
09/08/16- Constitution Club, Delhi – Sangh Terror and Failures of Justice
16/08/16- India Gate, Delhi – Bharat Parv
17/08/16- India International Centre – Raimundo Pannikar, A Pilgrim across Worlds
27/08/16- India International Centre – Memorial meeting of Arch Bishop Raphael Cheenath
27/08/16- Constitution Club, Delhi – Attack on Sufism and Syncretic Culture
08/09/16- Indian Social Institute -Remembering muzaffarnagar: book launch and panel discussion
09/09/16- Indian Social Institute – Empowerment of women in afghanistan
19/09/16- Vigyan Bhawan – Beyond Malala: Book Releasing Day
10/10/16- India International Centre – Peace Builders International Film Festival
13/10/16- India-Arab Cultural centre – Muslim Global actors from South Asia: World-making from the margins of the Islamic world by Dr. Dietrich Reetz, Berlin
20/10/16- IHC – Internet and Cities: How its Changing the Way We Live
23/10/16- LTG Auditorium, Copernicus Marg – Shah Jahan-o-Mumtaz (Urdu Classic Drama)
30/10/16- India Islamic Cultural Centre – Forgotten Rights of Qur’an & The Only Alternative
26/11/16- India International Centre – Global Migration: Rethinking Skills, Knowledge and Culture”
05/12/16- Jnu Convention Center, JNU – Freedom of Press, Media Self-regulation and Mass Communication
15/12/16- CSDS Seminar Room – Development, Security and the State of Conflict: Mother India’s Maoist Children
We not only take our studies to the fieldwork places but also bring our field work experiences to our classrooms and reflect over them. This year we had monthly sharing in our fieldwork groups