Classwise project
On January 29, 2015, II B.Th. students presented their project.The theme of the class project was “Universal Family”, which took its inspiration from the encyclical of Pope Francis Laudato Si, which was presented by the students, as a drama, combining the dexterity of music, dance, and the stage, to bring in the issues and more importantly the mystical meaning to be found in the whole creation.
Following are some of the important programmes in which we involved ourselves:
15th September 2015- seminar was conducted for 11th and 12th Std in Jesus & Mary School at Gol-dak-Khana on “Finding God in our lives, purpose of life”
20th October 2015 recollection was organized on the theme “Prayer& gifts of the Holy Spirit” – for 6th,7thstd students of Jesus & Mary School at Gol-dakhKhana.
28th October, 2015, the Jahangirpuri ministry group organized orientation program particularly for the teachers of the tuition centre. Some of the topics dealt during the sessions were; classroom management, creative teaching skills, child psychology, leadership, counselling etc.
On October 31st and November 01st, 2015, an orientation was conducted by our brothers and sisters at Waverly School, Musoori